औषध निर्माण अधिकारी टेस्ट नं 2 सराव पेपर Pharmacy Officer

औषध निर्माण अधिकारी टेस्ट नं 2 सराव पेपर Pharmacy Officer

आधुनिक वैद्यकशास्त्रात औषध निर्माणशास्त्र (फार्मसी) ही एक स्वतंत्र विद्याशाखा म्हणून उदयास आली आहे. औषध निर्माणशास्त्रामध्ये प्रामुख्याने रसायनशास्त्राचा अभ्यास असतो. औषधनिर्माण शास्त्र हे नैसार्गिक अथवा रासायनिक घटकांपासुन निर्मिति प्रक्रिया होत सम्पूर्ण नवे औषध निर्माण करण्याचे शास्त्र म्हणजे औषधनिर्माण शास्त्र होय.

औषध निर्माण अधिकारी टेस्ट नं 2 सराव पेपर Pharmacy Officer

1.Aperson seeing a design on the floor thought it

was a fossil. It is an example of

a) Illusion

b) Delusion

c) Hallucination

d) Idea of reference

2.Which of one of the health services is NOT available in rural health unit ?

a) Maternal and child health work
b) Communicable disease control work

c) Environmental senitation work

 d) Cancer treatment facility

3) Malarial transmission occurs by

a) Vector
b) Food and water

c) Air borne

d) Fomite (inanimate object)

4) Which one of the following brain area that regulates body temperature?

a) Cerebrum

b) Cerebellum

c) Hypothalamus

d) Hippocampus

5) What is the best method to dispose hospital waste?

a) Composting

b) Dumping

c) Chemical treatment

d) Incineration

6) Antioxidants are added to oil based preparations

to prevent

a) Smell
b) Precipitation

c) Rancidity

d) Crystallization

7) Which one of this material is commonly used

for closures?

a) Rubber

b) Plastic

c) Borosilicate glass

d) Metal

8) Clove consist of dried ripe flower buds of syzygium aromaticum of family

a) Lauracease

b) Caryophyllaceae

c) Apocycanaceae

d) Myrtaceae

9. Pale and black catechu are differentiated on the basis of presence/absence of

a) Catechin
b) Quercetin

c) Mucilage

d) Gambier fluoresin

10. Many enzymes possess tightly bound non- protein groups. This group is known as

a) Apoenzyme

b) Prosthetic group

c) Holoenzyme

d) Zymogen

औषध निर्माण अधिकारी टेस्ट नं 2 सराव पेपर Pharmacy Officer

औषध निर्माण अधिकारी टेस्ट नं 2 सराव पेपर Pharmacy Officer

11. Blood drawn for complete blood count (CBC) is collected in

a) EDTA vial

b) Plain vial

c) Citrate vial

d) Chloride vial

12. Cell with a horse-shoe shaped nucleus and abundant cytoplasm in a peripheral blood smear is

a) Neutrophil
b) Monocyte

c) Lymphocyte

d) Eosinophil

13. Thrombocytopenia stands for

a) Weakness of platelet aggregation

b) Reduced platelet count

c) Increased platelet count

d) Normal platelet count

14. Mitosis is a condition of

a) Cell breakdown

b) Cell division without reduction

c) Cell death

d) Cell division with half chromosomes

15. Which one of the disease is not caused by an Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB)?

a) Leprosy

b) Tuberculosis

c) Nocardiasis

d) Typhoid

16. A drug could relief the urinary retention as a result of prostate enlargement and also free from cardiovascular side effects

a) Pilocarpine

b) Tamsulosin

c) Prazosin

d) Methacholine

17. Tablet dosage form of a poorl water soluble drug create bioavailability problem due to its

a) Permeation

b) Dissolution

c) Disintegration

d) All of these

18. Shark liver oil contains a

a) Vitamin D

b) Vitamin A

c) Vitamin E

d) Vitamin B complex

19. Cisapride is withdrawn from the market of many countries as it cause

a) Liver toxicity

b) Psychosis

c) Torsade de pointes

d) Abdominal cramps

20. Total numbers of ATP molecules generated by glucose metabolism under aerobic condition are?

a) 30
b) 38

c) 10

d) 12

औषध निर्माण अधिकारी टेस्ट नं 2 सराव पेपर Pharmacy Officer

औषध निर्माण अधिकारी टेस्ट नं 2 सराव पेपर Pharmacy Officer

21. Which of the following is a major protein present in human milk?

a) Lacto albumin

b) Lacto globulin

c) Casein

d) Lactoferrin

22. Cell concentration techniques include all of the folloiwng EXCEPT

a) Centrifugation

b) Cytospin

c) Cell block preparatoin

d) Filtration

23. All are parts of the light microscope EXCEPT

a) Condenser

b) Eye-piece

c) Slide with cover slip

d) Objective lens

24. Increase in number of cells in a tissue is called

a) Hypertrophy

b) Hyperplasia

c) Aplasia

 d) Hypoplasia

25. Lanolin is a synonym for

a) Wool fat

b) Hydrous wool fat

c) Lard

d) Wool alcohol

26. Drug used to control morphine withdraw syndrome is

a) Fentanyl

b) Methadone

c) Pethidine

d) Naloxone

27. Bhang ganja and charas are obtained from

a) Opium

b) Cannabis

c) Jalap

d) Alone

28. The drug that inhibits my colic synthesis

a) Gentamycin
b) Isoniazid

c) Polymyxin

d) Penicillin

29. Drug of choice for radial cure of relapsing plasmodium vivex is

a) Chloroquine

b) Quinine

c) Primaquine

d) None of these

30. Which of the follwoing is an essential amino acid ?

  1. Alanine

b) Serine

c) Tryptophan

d) Glutamic acid

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