English Vocabulary One Word Substitution-1

English Vocabulary One Word Substitution-1

English Vocabulary One Word Substitution-1

 A bird that comes and goes with season — Migratory ( स्थलांतर करणे)

A body through which light can pass — Transparent (पारदर्शक)

A book or writting not bearing the name of the writer — Anonymous( अनामिक)

A brief summary of book — Epilogue(उपसंहार)

A careful preservation and protection of — conservation (संरक्षण)

A man ruled by his wife : Henpecked बायकोच्या ताब्यातील

 A man who has lots of investment in the private sector : Capitalist भांडवलदार

A man who has no money : Impecunious कंगाल

A man working merely for money ; Mercenary पोटार्थी

A post for which no salary is paid : Honorary मानद

A room for storing grains : Grainary धान्याचे कोठार

A sent out of one’s native country : Exile हद्दपार

A short & meaningful & weighty saying : Epigram म्हणी

A short stay at a place : Sojourn मुक्काम 

Acumen : Sharpness and accuracy of judgement ( कुशाग्र बुद्धी )

Arguably : निर्विवादपणे

Betray : विश्वासघाताने शत्रूच्या स्वाधीन करणे

Break down : To collapse : कोलमडून पडणे , विस्कळीत होणे

Calumny : Slander ( निंदा , नालस्ती , अपमान)

Coalition – ( युती , संयोग )

Conscience – (कर्तव्याची जाणीव , सद्सद्विवेकबुद्धी )

English Vocabulary व त्याचे मराठीत अर्थ

Cut a sorry figure : To create a bad impression : वाईट प्रभाव पडणे

Eye for eye : Tit for tat : जशास तसे

Flat denial : Absolute denial : पूर्णपणे नकार

Fraud – Deceit , deception , trickery , duplicity

Fury – Anger , ire , wrath , rage 

Gaiety – joyousness , happiness , mirth 

Genuine – true , factual , authentic

Get on with : To progress : प्रगती करणे

Herculean task : Any work requiring very great effort

In black and white : In writing : लेखी

In cold blood : Without motion : थंडपणे

In deep water : In difficulties : अडचणीत

In hot blood : In anger : रागाने

In the egg : In an early stage : प्राथमिक अवस्थेत

Intimidation (दहशतीचे वातावरण )

Job’s post : Bringer of bad news : वाईट बातमी आणणारा माणूस

Keep back : Conceal : लपविणे

Lions share : The largest share : सिंहाचा वाटा

Maiden speech : The very first speech delivered by someone in his life : 

Man of letters : One proficient in literature साहित्यात पारंगत असलेला

Man of parts : A man of ability , a gifted man  उपजत कलेची देणगी असलेला

Man of straw : Worthless person निरुपयोगी माणूस

Momentous , Important , memorable , eventful क्षणिक , अतिशय महत्त्वाचा

Murder of human being : Homicide मनुष्यवध

Murder of one’s brother : Fratricide  बंधुवध

Murder of one’s mother : Matricide  मातृवध

अनेक शब्दासाठी एक शब्द One Word Substitution-1

One who looks at dark side of life : Pessimist निराशावादी

One who loves all human beings : Philanthropist मानवप्रेमी

One who makes an official examination of accounts : Auditor लेखापरीक्षक

One who moves from one place to another : Migratory स्थलांतर करणारा

One who possess several talents or gifts : Versatile हरहुन्नरी

Perceive , Understand , Realise , Comprehend , grasp , Notice , Discover , Observe  Discern आकलन करणे , ज्ञान होणे , समजणे

Rainy days : Days of trouble and difficulty : अडचणीचे दिवस

Recklessness : Rashness ( बेपर्वाई )

Retaliating : Repaying in kind 

Scot free : without any punishment : शिक्षा न होता

Second childhood : Extreme age :  अत्यंत वार्धक्य

shrewd  (adjective)-  Meaning- having or showing sharp powers of judgement; astute.(चतुर, शहाणा) synonyms: astute, sharp-witted,sharp, acute, intelligent, clever, alert, canny, media-savvy, etc.

Subsequent : लगेच पाठोपाठ येणारा ,नंतरचा

The state of remaining unmarried : Celibacy ब्रम्हचर्य

The state of remaining unmarried : Celibacy ब्रम्हचर्य

To and fro : Backwards & forwards : इकडून तिकडे

To bell the cat : To face the risk : धोका पत्करणे

To bury the hatchet : To cease the fighting : भांडण विसरणे एखाद्याच्या जीवनातील पहिले                  भाषण

Jaundiced eye : A prejudiced mind : दूषित मनाचा

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