Arogya Vibhag Counselor Syllabus PDF Download

Arogya Vibhag Counselor Syllabus PDF Download Now. आरोग्य विभाग समुपदेष्टा अभ्यासक्रम डाउनलोड करा. आरोग्य विभाग समुपदेष्टा अभ्यासक्रम PDF Download now.

Counselor Syllabus PDF

Counselor Syllabus PDF

1Section name – English
aGrammar (Synonyms, Autonyms, Spelling, Punctuation, Tense.
b Vocabulary (Use of Idioms and Phrases and their meaning, Expressions)
c Fill in the blanks in the sentence
d Simple Sentence structure,
2Section name- Marathi
aमराठी व्‍याकरण (वाक्‍यरचना, शब्‍दार्थ, प्रयोग, समानार्ी शब्‍द , ववरुध्‍दार्ी शब्‍द)
b भाषा सौंदयथ(उपमा, अलंकार, म्‍हणी व वाकप्रचार यांचा अर्थआणण वाक्‍यात उपयोग, सवथसामान्‍य
शब्‍दसंग्रह इत्‍यादी)
c प्रससध्‍द पुस्‍तकेआणण लेखक
d योग्‍य जोडया लावा.
3Section Name- General Knowledge
aCurrent Affairs (India and Maharashtra)
b Indian History- Civics
c Indian Geography
d Indian Constitution
e General Science
f Sports and Culture
g Right to Information Act 2005 and Maharashtra Public Service Act 2015
h Information and Technology Related Basic Knowledge


4Section name-Logical Ability
aAptitude Test
b Basic Arithmetic Knowledge
c Mathematics (Numeric, Algebra, Geometry, Statistic)
d General Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environment Science
5Section name-Subject Related Knowledge
aTheories of Personality.
b Biological Foundations of Behaviour.
c Cognitive Psychology.
d Psychopathology.
e Psychological Measurement and Statistics.
f Developmental Psychology.
g Advanced Social Psychology.
h Guidance and Counselling.
i Psychotherapies.
j Psycho-diagnostic Tests

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